lundi 11 mai 2015

The Checkup: How Patients Can Try To Take The Power Back

The Checkup: How Patients Can Try To Take The Power Back

(Photo: MTSO Fan/Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo: MTSO Fan/Flickr Creative Commons)

It doesn’t help, of course, to be half-naked or in a bottom-baring johnny. But even when fully clothed, we patients — and we’re pretty much all patients at some point — often feel powerless or uncharacteristically passive in our encounters with the health care system.

In the latest episode of our WBUR/Slate podcast, The Checkup, we explore three strategies to help you take charge of your medical experience:

• How to be a better medical shopper in terms of both cost and quality: Tips and insights from Dr. Don Goldmann of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

• Telling your own medical story can help you heal, say Dr. Annie Brewster and Prof. Jonathan Adler of Health Story Collaborative.

• Also, medical informatics whiz Dr. Isaac Kohane talks about pushing the “blue button” to gain real control of your own medical data.

In case you missed other recent episodes: “High Anxiety” looked at hormones, parenting and fear of flying; “Sexual Reality Checks” examined penis size, female desire and aging;  and “Grossology” included a look at the first stool bank in the nation and research on the benefits of “bacterial schmears” from a mother’s birth canal. )

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Each week, The Checkup features a different topic — previous episodes focused on college mental health, sex problems, the Insanity workout and vaccine issues.

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